Kneeling by the Ashes

Dry Creek Custom Log Furniture was born out of tragedy, necessity and passion. In May of 2005 Wisconsin experienced its worst wildfire in over 100 years. In a matter of hours, thousands of tall pines and dozens of homes and buildings were lost to the fire's raging appetite. Among the casualties that day was our family cabin: a treasured part of our personal history for over 40 years and a dwelling that stood the test of time for well over 100 years.

In the aftermath of that fateful day, we made a decision to rebuild what had been lost in the ashes. Driven by a desire to recapture a portion of what God had provided, we not only set our hands to rebuilding the structure, but to furnish the new cabin with furniture made from the logs of the devastated surrounding forest. Through the years it took to build those individual pieces, I personally found a passion not only to replace what was lost but to keep alive the legacy of a treasured resource.

Each piece of custom log furniture now built by Dry Creek contains wood recovered from the once sprawling pines that thrived along the winding banks of the Dry Creek. The fire left each log with a deep tone that can only be created through exposure to the heat of a forest's worst enemy. In deciding to purchase a handcrafted piece of furniture from Dry Creek, you can be sure you are receiving a unique creation that will provide you with an heirloom for your family, and a lasting legacy to a noble stand of pines that is being given new life.

Thank you for your consideration to be part of our collective history.

Curt Drexler